Amazing Tours To Help You See The Most Of Amsterdam

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The capital city of the Netherlands is one of the most popular city break destinations in Europe, and with its amazing canals and the thriving cultural scene in the city, there is a great wealth of activities to enjoy in the city. Whether you are looking to get a great introduction to what the city has to offer, or want to stray off the beaten track, there are some great tours in Amsterdam that can give you an insight into life in this beautiful city. When you are looking for things to do in Amsterdam, the tours that are offered by the local guides might help you find the best Amsterdam restaurants, bars and markets as well.


Night view of Zuiderkerk in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Walking Tours Of Amsterdam

One of the best things to do if you are looking to get oriented in the city is to take a walking tour, and while there are several commercial tours that run around the city, you can also arrange more intimate tours with local guides. Picking out an itinerary for this kind of tour will often give you many options depending on your preferences, and your local guides can often pick out the amazing museums, the key architectural highlights or even the best places to eat in the city for you. There are also regular events and festivals that are held in Amsterdam every year, and your guide can also point out a few of the things happening during your visit.

Seeing Amsterdam By Boat

One of the most distinctive aspects of the cityscape in Amsterdam is the fact that there is such a huge network of canals there, and this has led to the city being given the nickname the ‘Venice of the North‘. Seeing the city by boat is a great way to get a different perspective on life in the city, and as well as the larger boats of the organized tours, you will often also be able to see the city in the boat of a local, and their tours will often take in a few of the more unusual sights as well as the busiest canals in the city.

Take A Tour Of The Markets Of The City

Food plays a massive role in the culture of any city, and the markets of Amsterdam have a great variety of different foods and ingredients to explore. As well as being able to see the great local ingredients and maybe even try a few delicacies, the markets also have a range of other items, and if you are looking for a bargain then the Waterlooplein flea market may be an interesting place for you to see.


The Red Light District By Night

The Red Light District is considered to be one of the most notorious areas of Amsterdam, but while it does have some seedy aspects, it is also possible to take an evening tour with a guide. This provides a great look at some of the architecture and history of the district, and how it developed into the area of the city that it is today.

Why Take Your Tours With Locals?

There are plenty of reasons why you should take your tours and activities through the Withlocals guides, and one of the most important of these is that you will be supporting genuine local entrepreneurs who want to give you a perspective on Amsterdam from the view of the residents. These tours will often take you off the beaten path which is normally what you will encounter with the commercial tour guides, while there is also much more flexibility when you are dealing with individuals.

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