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Hidden gems

When thinking about travel in the Unites States, what major cities are the first to come to mind? Maybe you initially think of the Big Apple or the sunny Californian coast or travel from Los Angeles to Albuquerque, the largest city in the state of New Mexico. Maybe your mind jumps to the white house or to rolling dice all night long in Vegas.

The United States has many major cities and attractions that bring in visitors from around the world every year. Luckily, getting from city to city is easy and cost efficient by bus or train.

No matter how many times you’ve explored these popular cities or how many pages of tourist guides you’ve flipped through, there are hidden gems to be found in every city that will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a completely different place.

Dream House In New York

Grab a pillow and enjoy the ambience.

Photo via Master&Dynamic.

This isn’t your average dream house with a white picket fence and bouncy castle in the backyard (or is that just *my* dream house?) but this sound and light environment is sure to leave your mind buzzing with either creativity or pure fascination.

Live Out Your Childhood Sandbox Dreams In Las Vegas

Photo via FLIKR

Photo via FLIKR

Getting a little tired of the casino? Need a break from fancy shopping centers and hi-class dining?

One of the newest attractions in Las Vegas isn’t geared towards winning big or wearing flashy dresses; it’s digging around in the dirt. Dig This is an amusement park geared towards adults who grew out of playing with mini excavators in the sandbox and are ready for the real thing.

Check Out All The Drugs In New Orleans

Photo via FLIKR

Photo via FLIKR

Slow down.

I’m not suggesting you head out onto the streets and conduct your own taste test. I’m talking about the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum. That may not sound super exciting to start off but perhaps you’ll be a bit more intrigued when you pass the “love potion” or the jar labelled “leeches”.

Traveling around the United States may seem daunting but it doesn’t have to be! Skip the check in times, security line-ups, and expensive flight prices and opt for a leisurely cross-country tour on one of the 90,000+ bus and train journeys offered.

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2 thoughts on “3 Hidden Gems in 3 Popular US Cities

  • Natalie

    LOL! I love that the pharmacy museum made the list! The very first registered pharmacist was there in New Orleans!!

    I’ve had the chance to explore New Orleans a few times this fall and have had a wonderful time. My favorite spot so far is Mardi Gras world where they make the Mardi Gras floats. What an experience! You can walk through the factory and see the artists working while staring up at ENORMOUS items from previous floats. Soo much fun! We also tried on costumes and ate some cake looking for the baby that is found in just one piece. The kids would LOVE!

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