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You know that feeling when you book a hotel room for the night that comes with a “free” breakfast? You plan your night around getting to bed at a decent hour, set your alarm, wake up nice and early to ensure you have plenty of time to indulge in the spread of food. More often than not, you arrive to the breakfast area to find no name coffee, warm milk, corn flakes, and some pre-packaged croissants. Such disappointment.

Bohemian Rhapsody Dinner Cruise

This dinner cruise in Prague was the opposite of that feeling. The food is the main event and, holy hot damn, it’s good.


Photo via Prague Boats

Prague Boats offer a range of tours including the one I went on, the Bohemian Rhapsody dinner cruise. I wasn’t sure what to expect beforehand. A sightseeing tour? A set menu? Would there be a veggie option? A tour guide?

When we arrived at the boat, the warm ambience of a candlelit room, a smiling face, and a welcome drink of becherovka greeted us. Glancing around, I knew instantly that this was going to be a night to remember.


The Main Event: FOOD!

We ordered some wine and directed our attention to the musical duo who, unfortunately, did not play any Queen. To my delight, the food was the main event. The food is placed out in a buffet style. The boat feels quite large but the line up for the food moved along at a nice pace. With three hours to enjoy, no one was in a rush to get their food so rather than a mad dash to the plates, it was very relaxed and friendly.


Imagine going in the summer! No walls – all open air!

Before we even had any food on our table I looked around and thought, “Well, this is certainly worth 49 Euros!”  (discount if you book online). For the quality of food and service, you’re likely to spend a bit more on a night out anyway, so why not do it while cruising underneath Charles Bridge and gazing up at Prague Castle (also… I’m pretty confident that the service was WAY better than you’d get most other places in Prague).

Aside from the taste (seriously… that was the best pasta sauce I’ve ever had), my favorite part about the food was that every dish had a sign saying what it was and whether it was vegan, vegetarian, or wheat free. Being a vegetarian, this was beyond impressive to me. Having to ask, or worse, guess, for every dish is such a pain. Being able to pick and choose what I was going to eat without worry was great.

I never get this many options as a veggie! 5 stars!

I never get this many options as a veggie! 5 stars!

It’s Long… But Not Long Enough!

In the beginning, we wondered how we were ever going to pass the time. Three hours seems a little much, especially with no set itinerary for sightseeing. By the time two hours had passed, we were having such a good time that we were wishing we had at least two more hours to go. This dinner cruise is perfect for a unique and romantic evening in Prague. It was a time for us to enjoy a delicious meal without feeling as though we had to rush out so the next reservation could have the table. We were able to relax and chat, take a walk outside to watch the swans and scenery go by, listen to comforting music, and simply enjoy being on the water, surrounded by the beauty of Prague.





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