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Central and South American travel seems to be getting pretty hot right now, for a number of different reasons.

The clearest of these reasons is that Brazil has commanded the international spotlight for the better part of five years now, given preparations for the 2014 World Cup and now the 2016 Summer Olympics. Incidentally, Olympic preparation has been a disaster, but that won’t stop people from zeroing in on Brazil and the surrounding countries as possible summer destinations. International sporting events aside, President Obama’s current visit to Cuba is also bringing some attention to the intended normalization of Latin American travel. And perhaps more significantly than either the Olympics or Obama’s trip, the depressed economies in much of Latin America are certain to attract tourists looking to get the most for their money.

Thanks in part to these factors, Buenos Aires‚ often mentioned on world travelers’ bucket lists and a popular destination for people from all over the world‚ may be moving to the forefront of tourism discussions once more.

For many, the main draws of Buenos Aires include festivals, sports, and nightclubs. Indeed, these are three of the elements that have made the city such a vibrant tourist destination for so long. But in this post I want to look instead at a different side of the city: the romantic side. Beyond all the excitement and festivity it offers, Buenos Aires is truly one of the world’s great cities for lovers. And that’s exemplified by the following activities you can get up to with your significant other.


1. Learn The Tango

As part of an ongoing effort to feed the ambitious imaginations of its hopeful scratchcard players, Lottoland shares travel posts highlighting some of the world’s most popular destinations or attractions. Covering Buenos Aires as one of the most romantic cities in the world, the site referred to the tango as being “like the waltz on Viagra” as well as one of the sexiest things you can do with your clothes on. These are amusing descriptions, but in all seriousness it’s hard to imagine a more intimate or exhilarating dance to do with a loved one. It can be a little intimidating if dance isn’t your thing, but it should be fun to give it a shot!

2. Tour The Gardens

Beautiful gardens exist all over the world, but there’s always something special about finding them within a busy, modern city. Such is the case with the Jardin Botanico, which was singled out by USA Today on a list of romantic attractions in Buenos Aires. Describing the gardens, the article referred to the Jardin Botanico as “a glorious oasis” popular among locals looking to relax or read books, and home to a massive variety of plants and trees. It’s a surreal place to spend an afternoon with a loved one. Incidentally, for fans of urban gardens, the city also has a renowned area dedicated to Japanese gardens.

3. Visit The Catedral Metropolitana

Another destination pointed out by USA Today in its discussion on romantic attractions, the Catedral Metropolitana is a wonder to behold. A dramatic, ornate cathedral complete with classic elements like towering columns, glittering ornaments, and an altarpiece of the Virgin Mary, it’s actually a distinctly European construction. Many people who marry under religious conditions believe in a divine aspect to human union. However, you don’t have to be religious to feel a sort of enhanced spiritual connection to a loved one visiting this place.

4. Try A Love Hotel

Admittedly, this sounds kind of sketchy. But Timeout took a look at 20 great things to do in Buenos Aires, and explained that the city’s famous “love hotels” aren’t quite as seedy as they may seem at first. Sure, folks can get into some scandalous activity at places like these, but you can also visit with a loved one and enjoy a few hours “frolicking on water beds” in rooms with all kinds of different themes (and even mirrored ceilings). For more adventurous or experimental couples, it’s a whole lot of fun.

5. Share An Unstoppable Dessert

For a tamer option, you can take advantage of one of the staples of Buenos Aires cuisine: dulce de leche. Famous in everything from cakes and ice cream to alcoholic drinks, this rich and delicious syrup is better in Buenos Aires than anywhere else in the world. It’s a perfect treat to share with that special someone.

Add all of this together and you can begin to see why some view Buenos Aires as a lovers’ paradise. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper than Paris!

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  • Alex

    You can stop with #1. I’ve been trying to get my SO to do dancing lessons with me for a long time and she just won’t =/.

    I’ve also been trying to get her to go to South America with me and it’s been a struggle.

    If only! Sounds amazing to me.

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