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Exploring a new place as a tourist can be a lot of fun but avoiding tourist traps and finding your way around can be tough, especially if you don’t speak the same language. Simply going out to eat can prove to be a daunting task but I’m begging you to do your research before going into one of the super touristy “traditional” places. If the business feels the need to advertise, for example, that they serve traditional Italian food in a traditional Italian restaurant with Italian waiters speaking real Italian, serving real Italian wine in Italian made wine glasses like the REAL ITALIANS would use… trust me, you can do better.

You can also do better than McDonalds.

Eating bad food in Italy is wrong. It’s inexcusable. It’s unjustified.

It’s a crime.

I’d love to call myself a foodie but the truth is, I’m not. I love food, don’t get me wrong, but when left to my own devices, I will have eggs on toast three times a day supplemented with carrot sticks, bananas, and maybe a yogurt if I’m feeling really fancy. I can’t point out the subtle oak flavors or the hints of rosemary but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate how tasty it is. Rome, therefore, was a little overwhelming.


I stayed at The Beehive Ho(s)tel & Cafe, owned by Steve and Linda. I realize it’s a little out of the ordinary to mention the owners of a hostel but this place is different.

From the homey feel of the rooms, to chatting with the owners and guests during breakfast, right down to the regularly hosted “family dinners”, The Beehive is different. Steve and Linda do more than own a business. They run a home.


I owe my time in Rome to The Beehive ho(s)tel app. Since the app works offline, it was easy to find places nearby as soon as we felt a pang of hunger (or, should I say, as soon as we weren’t so full that we could eat again). What should you eat in Italy? Well, that’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?

Raviolli and gnocchi are a must and I shouldn’t need to tell you to eat pizza. I also recommend cacio e pepe, which I had twice.

Not only was I able to find all the best places to eat but the app helped me find my way to the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, and Vatican City.

No crowds! #WinterInRome

After chumming up with the owners of The Beehive, Linda invited me on a cocktail tour hosted by The Roman Guy. I met some great travel bloggers as we roamed the city, drank cocktails, and collectively took a hellova lot of drink pictures, as bloggers do.

The Roman Guy also gave me a promo code to give to you! Use this code and receive 10% off any tour with them. You can book anything from walking tours, bike tours, food tours, and tours for your inner gladiator.


Readers can also get a 5% discount on top of the already inexpensive rates in winter at The Beehive.  The promo code is GoSeeWriteWinterinRome and has no expiration, but is only applicable for stays from November through February not including 31 Dec and 1 January.

Extra fact for all my fellow book lovers: Linda and Steve have a daughter named Giulia. At the age of 12, Giulia wrote her first book (were YOU a published author by age 12? Yeah, me neither). I just ordered it online and am super excited to get started on it when it arrives.





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  • Nathalie

    Yay! We just left the Beehive this morning and we were just commenting on how cozy the beds are 🙂 Also, you’ll love Giulia’s book, it’s an awesome story!

  • Matthew U

    Thank you, Trish, for this post. I am going to Rome this week. Very excited to go there. I didn’t know about this app. Hope this would help me during my travel. Very nice photography. Loved it:)

    • Trish McNeill Post author

      Matthew… you’re going to LOVE it! Winter is such a great time to visit. If you haven’t booked anywhere to stay yet, Steve and Linda are offering a discount to my readers! You can get 5% off the (already inexpensive) room rates. Promo code is: GoSeeWriteWinterinRome and has no expiration, but is only applicable for stays from November through February not including 31 Dec and 1 January.

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