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It’s not often that I get the chance to truly enjoy all that a hotel has to offer. During an average hotel stay, I sleep, eat breakfast, and occasionally treat myself to a massage. I mean… go to the gym. *sigh* I mean massage.

My stay at BoHo Hotel Prague was different because, since my first three day stop in Prague six months ago, Prague has become like a second home to me. I still get turned around in the city often and my Czech is severely limited (učím se česky!) but since I’ve spent a lot of time exploring the city and doing all the must-do things in Prague (like drinking ALL the beer) I jumped at the opportunity to take a couple of days off and enjoy the luxury that the 5 star BoHo had to offer (Okay, it’s a 4 star… but I beg to differ).

All Happiness Depends On Breakfast

I like breakfast. I really like breakfast and apparently, so do the fine folks at BoHo Hotel. Every morning offered an array of yogurts (my favorite!), breads, cheeses, meats, and pastries. Not only was it delicious but it was also picture perfect. Maybe that’s not terribly important to those of us who aren’t always looking for a shot worthy of Instagram but I appreciated their attention to little details like that.

The staff at breakfast time were having such a good time with one another that at one point I caught myself wishing I worked there. For me, that is saying a lot. I worked as a waitress once before and trust me, it’s not a good situation for anyone involved. Hats off!

Stop And Smell The Products

I have a confession to make. I am absolutely one of those people that takes all the products from the hotel room. I don’t just take the products when I leave; I pack them away at the beginning of every day so they get replaced. Sorry not sorry; this stuff is fantastic.

Side note: Hotel slippers make me deliriously happy and since my boyfriends feet were too big for his… I took two pairs home with me! I wanted the robe too but alas… Those are not free for the taking.

Treat Yo-Self Spa Day

Spa at the BoHo Hotel Prague

Jacuzzi and steam bath and sauna, oh my! That’s not all that’s offered in the wellness area; you can also get pampered by one of the many massage or other spa services offered or check out the gym facilities.

Work Space For The Win

Although I was in the perfect surroundings for rest and relaxation, I still had work to do and couldn’t spend *all* my time at the spa.

The BoHo hotel offers a work friendly library with complimentary coffee, tea, and pastries. Say the words “complimentary pastries” to me and really, I don’t need any more encouragement. I’m there. Cozy up by the fireplace, borrow one of their books, set up your own office, or, you know, just eat some pastries.

I was a bit of a sad state when it was time to check out and waited until the exact check out time to drag my feet down to reception. Every minute counts!


Do you take time to enjoy a hotel as part of your vacation? You should!

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