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Travelling with your children can be so much more than taking them to amusement parks with long queues. There are plenty of amazing educational opportunities all over the world that are child friendly. The key to a successful holiday with children is to keep things flexible but have lots of things for them to do. 

The Algarve

Taking a visit to the Algarve in Portugal is a fabulous way to spend your vacation with your children. Make sure that you take the time visit the sandcastle festival that runs annually from May to October. You can also head to Zoomarine, a fun place that combines wildlife conservation with a theme park. There are fun rides to go on and you can watch wildlife presentation on sea lions, birds of prey, and dolphins. This is a great opportunity to teach your young ones about animal conservation. There are also child friendly beaches to head to and Praia da Marinha and Salema are great places to go. For a fun experience that the kids will love you can take a boat ride and explore the coast.


A holiday to India will provide you with a fascinating blend of old and new and it is steeped in culture, religion, and tradition. It is an amazing country that is a great place to visit with children. You can join organized tours to see religious buildings and monuments on air conditioned buses that are great for keeping all ages happy. Head to the Taj Mahal in Agra and see this stunning white marble building. You can also volunteer as a family and the children will get an opportunity to visit impoverished children in villages.


Budapest, Hungary is a great place to travel with children. The city is known as the “City of Baths” and there are many public bath houses where the family can relax in natural hot springs. Be sure to visit Széchenyi Baths that looks like a Baroque palace. There are other stunning examples of architecture and more than two hundred museums and art galleries to educate your children to the history of the area. One of the best things to do whilst in Budapest is to take a cruise of the Danube River. This stunning river is the heart of the city and you can also ride bicycles along its bank that are free from cars.


Iceland is a fabulous place for a road trip with the kids. You can rent a car and head out to Ring Road which travels along the coast of the country. The views are spectacular and you can see stunning sights like active volcanoes, glaciers, geysers, bubbling sulphur pools, and lakes that change colour with the light. You can also explore Viking history and head to the beautiful black volcanic sands of Vik Beach which was voted one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. You can check out the Iceland country guide here.

Cape Town

Cape Town in South Africa is a great place for taking children on a vacation. There are beaches to explore like St. James that has a huge tidal pool that has lots of different creatures in it for children to look at. Boulder Beach is another great beach to explore but you can hang out with penguins and trek over the giant boulders. There is an entrance fee and it is best to try and visit during the week as weekends are quite busy. Right there in Cape Town you can do a Table Mountain hike that will give you great views of the city on one side and the beaches on the other. You can also rent a car and explore the stunning Garden Route. You can go on winery tours where the kids can sample cheeses and then head to Noetzie Beach which is about six hours from Cape Town. You can stay in accommodation that resemble castles and it is a great place to recharge with your loved ones.


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