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You just can’t go wrong when you choose to visit one of the chicest places in all of Italy. It isn’t always the first place you think of going when you want to visit, but it’s certainly somewhere unique and spectacular in its own right.


In this guide you’ll find plenty of ideas on what to see and do, as well as some travel tips to help you to get from A-B. Read on to learn more!

Things To See And Do In Milan


Enjoy Panoramic Views From the Duomo Roof

The Duomo Roof has been over 500 years in the making. The spiked gothic cathedral that is the Duomo has been compared to many weird and wonderful things, including a wedding cake and a ‘hedgehog’ (according to D. H. Lawrence).


The interior contains some incredible things but, for a truly magnificent experience, climb the 150 steps (or take the lift) to the roof. It’s here where the awestruck visitors can admire some of the 3,600 statues and 135 spires. Many of these creations were carved from pink Candoglia marble!


You can also get a closer view of the gilded copper ‘Madonnina’ which you’ll find on top of the tallest spike. On a particularly clear day, the view is marvelous – you’ll be able to see far beyond the city and all the way to the snow-capped Alps.


Visit Sforzesco Castle

Within walking distance from the Duomo, you’ll find the Sforzesco Castle. Find the shopping avenue of the Via Dante, and you’ll eventually see the castle of the Renaissance Sforzesco family. You may have heard of this family once or twice in your history lessons – they once ruled Milan. The place now hosts a collection of civic museums and offers access to the large Sempione park. This means you get to visit not one, but two of the best places to visit in Milan.


Taking your time to stroll through the courtyards, you can admire the architecture and make your way into different museums. You’ll find museums that exhibit things like Michelangelo’s Rondanini Pietà, Mantegna’s Trivulzio Madonna and have ceilings that were painted according to designs by none other than Leonardo da Vinci.


Get On A Tram And Enjoy A Delicious Meal

Milan’s original yellow and orange 1920s and 1950s trams are closely linked with the city and are a rare piece of history that you can see in action today. They have varnished wooden seats and fluted glass lampshades, giving a super retro vibe. You can view some of Milan’s most famous monuments as you travel. You could even book an evening ride on ATMosfera; this is a vintage tram serving up dinner and drinks – run by the ATM transport authority.


Marvel At Leonardo’s Last Supper

Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper, Il Cenacolo, is an unmissable attraction. If you haven’t booked yourself a ticket earlier on, don’t stop by with the hope of getting in. Book a guided visit with pre-booked tickets instead to avoid hassle. You should know, though, it’s only small groups, and only 15 minutes are allowed. The church itself is a great site to visit too.

Lunch Like A Local at Luini

All of the locals love to lunch at Luini, and with good reason. You’ll know you’re there when you spot the long queue and the teenagers crouching on doorsteps with their greasy bags of food. A simple hole in the wall place to get food, you could soon be feasting on delicious tomato and mozzarella triangles. A famous snack in Milan!

Transportation Options from Airport To City


If you’re a first time visitor to Milan, then you need to know the best way to get from the airport to the city. This will depend on what airport you arrive at. The best way to travel to and from Linate airport is either by taxi or bus – there is no train service, unfortunately.


From Malpensa express, you have a few options. You can take the Malpensa Express from Malpensa Airport to Milano Centrale, which is the main rail station. Just make sure you don’t buy a ticket in advance at any of the ticket outlets in the airport or online, as you won’t actually get the discount that you’re promised. You can get better deals buying from someone on the door.


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