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Abu Dhabi is often seen as the second hottest tourist destination in the UAE, behind the world-renowned Dubai. But, did you know it’s actually the capital of this fast-growing region? While it may not have the massive skyscrapers and glitz & glamour and the best places to visit in Dubai, it does have plenty of things to do and see. The city has grown so much over the last decade, and it’s now buzzing with a fantastic urban atmosphere and all the essentials you want out of a long trip abroad.

Abu Dhabi Guide

Fancy taking a trip to Abu Dhabi this year? Then make sure you read our travel guide down below:

The Best Things To Do/See In Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a massive city that would be called overly glamourous in almost any other country in the world. However, when you share a country with Dubai, then your glamour is suddenly downplayed. With that being said, there are still loads of grand things to see, and a whole host of amazing things to do. Here are our top picks:

Visit The Louvre…In Abu Dhabi

Yes, you read that right, The Louvre, in Abu Dhabi! Believe it or not, but this is actually a branch of the same famous French museum. It’s the only one in the world not found in France, which is pretty special. There are loads of pieces of amazing art on display, and some of the finest artists grace the walls with their paintings. A must-see if you’re looking to dip your toe in the culture pool.

Shop In The Marina Mall

The UAE is fast becoming known for shopping. Abu Dhabi has no shortages of markets for you to enjoy – big or small. But, one shopping trip you cannot afford to miss is in the Marina Mall. This shopping mall has, wait for it, over 400 different shops inside. Not only that, but it has an indoor ice rink. Yes, an ice rink in the middle of the UAE, who knew?! It’s more than just a shopping trip, it’s a proper experience. What a great way to spend a day.

See The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

This is easily one of the greatest landmarks in Abu Dhabi. It would be a crime for you to come here and not leave with a few pictures of this marvellously beautiful mosque. Honestly, it is one of the most amazing pieces of architecture on planet earth. The white marble walls and domes are gorgeous, with tall spires shooting up into the sky. Don’t worry if you have no religious ties to Islam, this is still a must-see spot, just make sure you’re respectful of the worshippers when you take photos.

Have Fun At Ferrari World

Abu Dhabi is home to the world’s biggest indoor amusement park; Ferrari World. As you’d expect from a theme park based around Ferrari, it also has a super fast roller-coaster – the fastest in the world, in fact. This is a really great place to go and have fun with the whole family or on your own. There are plenty of restaurants in the park, as well as Ferrari exhibitions and racing simulators. Well worth the admission fee!

Experience The Qasr Al Hosn

Another ancient landmark that you need to take a look at. This is a very old fort that’s precious to the locals as it signifies the start of their rapid development. It was here that the city managed to find fresh water and put itself on the map. You can take a tour of the ancient buildings, or have a look at the modern exhibition that depicts the history of the place.

Qasr Al Hosn

Getting Around In Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi city is quite a compact place, so you can easily get around by foot or with a little rental car. If you plan on venturing out further, then your best bet is a taxi. The highways in Abu Dhabi are long, wide, and very spacious. Traffic is normally fine, and taxis are reasonably priced so you can get from A to B with relative ease.

The great thing about Abu Dhabi city is that it’s not too far away from the main airport where all the flights arrive. Consequently, it’s easy to drive to on your own, or you can book a taxi online and pay hardly anything to get to your gate on time.

Staying In Abu Dhabi

You have a massive variety of luxury hotels to choose from in Abu Dhabi. Don’t expect accommodation to be cheap, but it’s worth paying a lot for. If we had to recommend one place, it would be the Emirates Palace Hotel. This is a simply amazing building, and you should probably take a picture of it even if you can’t afford to stay there!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this guide and that it helps you during your trip to Abu Dhabi. Now, go out and enjoy the phenomenal capital city of the UAE.


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