Four Must See Destinations If Money Is No Object

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If money was no object where would you go in the world? Are there exotic far away locations you’ve dreamed of visiting? Or once in a lifetime experiences you won’t find anywhere else? We take a look at four magical places across the world that rank as some of the most expensive to visit. To discover the delights of these popular destinations, you’ll have to be prepared to separate yourself from much of your well-earned cash or otherwise hope for that big lottery win. Whether you are looking for a great beach or some great food, there are plenty of options around the world.

Las Vegas, USA

For some in North America, a trip to Las Vegas may not be a long-distance one. In fact, you might not even need a plane to get there. But getting the most out of Las Vegas requires at least some disposable income to splash in the casinos. The more you have, the more daring you can be. Of course, Vegas isn’t just about gambling on the roulette wheels and slots machines, there’s once in a lifetime opportunities like helicopter rides at nightfall over the city and hot air ballooning at sunrise, as well as theme park rides, lavish shows featuring magic, music and comedy, and great places to eat.

Zurich, Switzerland

Considered by some as the single most expensive place to visit in the world, Zurich will burn a hole in most people’s pockets with the average price of beer at $6.41 (for a pint), a cocktail costing $17.46 and a cup of coffee setting you back nearly $6. But a trip to Switzerland’s largest city is worth it if you can afford it, with cool cultural delights to see such as the Gerold Cuchi Umbrellas, a walk through the Old Town, and the opportunity to drink beer and try the world famous sausages at Zueghauskeller. You can finish your trip with a boat ride on the Limmat River.

Fregate, Seychelles

Seychelles, a country composed of many islands, is located 932 miles off the east mainland of Africa in the Indian Ocean and, during the 1970s, developed a reputation for being the holiday playground of the rich and famous. The various resorts on the islands are generally all expensive but it’ll help to have won the lottery to visit Fregate, an island south of the main island of Mahe. It’s a private resort with gorgeous, ocean-view villas made out of mahogany wood and African teak that’ll cost a minimum of $1,000 per night. Windsurfing and hiking are popular leisure activities if you can find time to get out of your private infinity pool. There are also plenty of great things to do on Praslin Island.

Oslo, Norway

A pint of beer in Oslo will cost on average around $7.50, which gives you an idea of how expensive a trip is to Norway’s capital city. It’s a scenic, beautiful place that celebrates its history with a dynamic contemporary edge. The mix of urban expansion set against a backdrop of mountain vistas is fascinating in itself but island hopping in the Oslo Fjord makes a trip here even more exciting. However, you’ll pay extra wherever you go as the city’s generally well-off inhabitants and higher-on-average wages have seen prices jump up 20% compared to other parts of Western Europe.

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