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Northern Europe is one of the most beautiful areas of the world to explore, and whether your fancy is to see the sensational cities and architecture of the region or to view spectacular natural scenes, this region of the world has so much to offer. Scandinavia is famous for its rugged landscapes and as you travel over to the Baltic States and Russia, there are some wonderful cities and areas to explore as well. To make the most of any trip to the region, it is worth taking time to plan out an itinerary or book a package that will let you see as much as you can, as in many cases this can be the best way to tour Scandinavia from US.


The City Breaks Of The Region

The cities of Northern Europe offer some wonderful cosmopolitan places to visit, such as Copenhagen and Stockholm, where you can enjoy the modern Scandinavian culture, and explore wonderful museums looking at the Viking history. Further east into Russia you will find the great Russian cities of St Petersburg and Moscow, with St Petersburg in particular being one of the most beautiful of the country’s cities, while the Hermitage museum is one of the world’s greatest collections of art and historic artifacts.

Natural Sights Of Northern Europe

While city life in Northern Europe and vibrant is fascinating, many people come to the area to explore the stunning natural sights such as the fjords of Norway and the wonderful lakes of Finland. While scenery may be one of the most attractive features of the region, one of the biggest attractions is actually not on land but in the sky, where the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Light, can be seen regularly in the northern areas of the country when the skies are clear. Russia may be best known for its historical cities, but from the mountains of the Caucasus to the shores of Lake Baikal, it also has plenty of natural beauty of its own too. But personally my favorite country in the region is Norway, particularly in the winter, oddly! Oslo has so many fun things to do in the winter.

wonderful lakes of Finland

Getting Around The Region

Transport in Northern Europe is generally very good, and while Scandinavia is generally more expensive than Russia to explore, the services are also often newer and more comfortable. There are excellent long distance rail services across the countries of the region, while there are also great international services such as the St Petersburg to Helsinki train which will cross from Russia to Finland in just a few hours. For local travel there is a good network of bus services, while regional flights are also very common if you need to cover the territory a little more rapidly.

The Food And Drink Of The Region

One of the biggest attractions of the region is the food, and while it may not be in the same vein as some of the meals that you can accept at home in North America, it is still worth exploring. With a much wilder territory, many areas of Northern Europe specialize in game and cold water fish which aren’t found elsewhere, with pickled herring a particular taste in Finland. Russia is well known for its alcohol, with vodka the main drink. Enjoy!

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