5 Great Gifts For A Friend Or Relative Travelling On A Gap Year 2

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The excitement of travel is something that everyone should embrace at some point in their lives, and for many young people, taking a year away from their studies between high school and university is a great time to explore. If you have family or friends who have recently finished school then you may be starting to think of a gift to help set them on their way for the trip. Here are five useful and practical ideas for gifts that they will really appreciate before they go away to explore the world.

  1. Camera

An absolutely essential part of any gap year travel kit, being able to take pictures to keep and share the memories of the trip is vital, and this is one gift that will certainly get plenty of use. For those who are just looking for snaps to keep as memories, there are plenty of cameras available that are designed to resist a few knocks and splashes. For travelers looking for higher quality photographs, you may need to look at an SLR camera for the best photos.

  1. Microfiber Towel

While it may not be an especially glamorous gift, a travel towel is another gift that will certainly get plenty of use as your friend or relative is traveling. These towels fold down into a very small packet to fit in the bag, and are also easy to wash and dry.

  1. IPod Or Similar Device

One of the biggest aspects of most gap year travel is that people do spend quite a lot of time in airports, flying on airplanes and travelling in buses and trains. Having a good iPod or similar device loaded with music, TV shows and movies can prove to be a godsend for these longer periods of travel when the scenery all starts to blend into one. For a really personalized gift you can pre-load the device with some of the recipient’s favorites.

  1. Stash Cases

These small and inexpensive cases can prove to be a really useful tool for people who are traveling, as there is often the threat of having items or wallets stolen. These cases are often disguised as various other items, with a fake suntan lotion bottle or a space inside the lining of a belt opening up to provide a clever space to hide money, documents and other small valuables. These can offer a good laugh as well when the recipient opens the gift.

  1. Hammock

Anyone who is travelling will want to make the most of any opportunities to lay back, relax and take in their surroundings, and this is one gift that can give them a nice, comfortable place to relax that can be put up in almost any location with trees or a couple of poles. The modern travel hammock is usually very light, and will only take up a tiny space in the backpack of anyone who is heading off to travel the world on their gap year.

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