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So, as I told ya’ll last week, I have been incredibly lucky and landed in a pretty great spot here in Grenada for a few weeks, on account of my travel buddy, Wiley. Thought a little update, with some photos might be in order.

I have been on Grenada for over a week now. The Caribbean islands are definitely more expensive than Central or South America. The currency in most of the Windward Islands of the West Indies is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar, which is pegged at about 2.6 per U.S. Dollar. Beers run between $3.5 EC in stores to $5-7 EC in bars. A dinner will cost you $30-50 EC.

Luckily, there is a good grocery store around the corner from the marina. I went a few days ago and stocked up on some basics, so I could stop eating out and just eat most meals on the boat. And thanks to Wiley, I am not paying for a hotel room, so it manages to balance out.

So here is our hopeful plan for the next couple weeks, before I head back down to Trinidad and Tobago to explore around for a short while, then head back to Colombia for the rest of the year.

map of grenada and caribbean windward islands

map of where I am and where we are sailing

Wiley and his girlfriend need to move out of the apartment they had on the island he was previously posted to, which is one of the smaller islands north of us in the Grenadines. We are going to sail up there Saturday, pack up his stuff and put it on the catamaran and then spend a couple days sailing around and diving in those islands. He just got certified this year and is as addicted as I am.

Then we’ll head back and the possible fun bonus that we are working on is taking a long day trip, or possible overnight trip, up to the set of small islands immediately north of Grenada. Supposedly the diving is fabulous there. It is too far from any dive shop to get any real traffic, so we’d have the diving grounds entirely to ourselves and because they don’t get much traffic, they should be in excellent condition.

Wiley has made friends with the owner of the dive shop here in town and offered one of his boats to take us all up there, if they provide the gear. Since the shop owner wants their dive instructors to dive the area (and the manager of the marina here, who is a big wig in his own right is a 300+ dive diver that wants to do it), we are crossing our fingers that it manages to come off. On the other side of the ledger is that high season in the area is about to start and the shop just lost one of its dive instructors, so they’d be shorthanded for a day or two.

main cabin moorings catamaran sailboat grenada

my bedroom

So here is the catamaran that I have been lucky enough to score from Wiley for a few weeks. The interior quarters, as on all non-massive boats, is limited, but this is a really nicely sized catamaran, so there is a heck of a lot of space, especially considering it is just me.

There are four cabins on board. The kitchen has everything you need to cook the basics. The living area is comfortable. There are fans everywhere to circulate air and assuming it isn’t raining (end of rainy season here), you get a pretty good breeze through the many windows you can open up.

moorings catamaran sailboat grenada

my 43 foot catamaran home

kitchen and living room moorings catamaran sailboat grenada

my living room and kitchen

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