Interview with Jeff Hendlin, the Bridal Travel Guy: Lucky 13 Questions 11

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Brash. Rude. Hilarious. Willing to engage in inappropriate banter during #TNI on Thursday afternoons on Twitter. The ability to cut you open in 140 characters like a verbal surgeon.

No wonder I am a fan of Jeff Hendlin, the Bridal Travel Guy.

Like most everyone else I have interviewed, I haven’t met Jeff in person yet, but I think the biggest indicator of his personality (aside from the answers) was that he has been the only interviewee to provide his own suggested pictures and links within his answers.

First, the former political hack in me likes the effort to control the message. Second, that ain’t gunna work. Well, I gave him a couple, so I guess it did work to a degree. I look forward to plenty of drinks with him at some point in 2011, preferably in one of the bars of the 5 star resorts he seems to keep tweeting from.

Come take a look at his Bridal Website, but more importantly, in my mind, follow him on Twitter and enjoy him on a daily basis.

X-Ray vision goggles looking at a naked woman

Jeff's Christmas Wish

1. What is the superpower you most want?

X-Ray vision

2. You get to go to the Playboy Mansion and ask Hef one question that he must answer completely truthfully, what is your question to him?

Can I buy a time share?

3. Democratically elected politician that you wish had never been born?

No doubt… John Edwards, has love child while wife is battling cancer… Gets caught and convinces his aide (who is married with kids) to admit the love child was his… I shudder to think this sick bastard was close to being our president!

4. Current musical group you would most like to see live?

Easiest answer ever. An acoustic Aaron Lewis lead singer of Staind show. (I’ve been to two shows already… A religious experience). Watch & listen to his acoustic rendition of Live by Pearl Jam

Steve Carell chest hair scene in 40 year old virgin

Ummm... Jeff submitted another picture here

5. Who plays you in the movie about your life?

Steve Carell

6. Most annoying person in the world?

Rush Limbaugh – regardless of your political beliefs, this guy is a narcissistic, pill-popping, blowhard who’s the poster-child for hypocrisy.

7. If you could travel with one person for one week, then never see or hear from them ever again, who would you choose?

Megan Fox

8. One last fill in the blank: I have no idea how ____________ got so rich and/or famous with no appreciable talent at all.

Rush Limbaugh

9. What common food item do you most despise?

A tie between Cilantro…Yuck! & Parsley… Is it really that attractive a garnish?!

1968 yellow Corvette

hard to argue with this choice

10. Your favorite one hit wonder song.

“Rapper’s Delight” by the Sugar Hill Gang

11. What is your dream car?

68 Corvette

12. My Mom and Dad are never going to read this, so I can now admit I lied to them in a big way about….

Joe Namath Super Bowl 3

Broadway Joe

I never really lied to my parents…I told them most of the dumb crap I did… the other stuff they’d seem to find out.

13. You can be transported to one specific day and location in history — what would it be?

January 12th 1969, Miami Orange Bowl NY Jets vs. Baltimore Colts Super Bowl to witness Joe Willy Namath deliver on his NY Jets win.

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11 thoughts on “Interview with Jeff Hendlin, the Bridal Travel Guy: Lucky 13 Questions

  • BridalTravelGuy

    I’d be remiss if I was not the first to comment on my own interview. Right? (Or I’m paranoid nobody else will comment.)

    Thank you Michael for having me as an interviewee in the hysterical, yet demented Lucky 13. I appreciate your kind words, at least most of them.

    I guess no good deed goes undone. I try to help a guy out by sending pictures & links to support the my answers and he thinks I’m trying to control the content?! He says it’s the political hack part of him, I thinks it’s the editor side too… but knowing me, he’s probably right.


    • Michael Hodson Post author

      Quite hilariously — this comment got filtered out and put in my spam folder. Even the auto-bot spam checkers have it out for you Jeff. 😉

  • Leila @ Be Inspired PR

    we are huge fans of Jeff Hendlin! he tells it like it is, no matter what and is THE go to source for travel and hospitality in the bridal market!

  • TravelBlggr

    HILARIOUS! I love you guys. You make tweeting more fun. =)

    I was about to be offended that I wasn’t named in question #7 … until I read the next line, “never see them again.” LOL!

    Looking forward to sharing some vino with you guys sometime.

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