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Brendan’s first post on his website is just from March of 2010, but he has made a splash in a short period of time.  One of the things that brought him to my attention (and I think the attention of many other travel bloggers) was when he began his Top 100 Independent Travel Websites list earlier this year.  Not only was it a marketing stroke of genius, for me it was one of the big reasons I moved from my previous crappy format to a serf-hosted site run on WordPress.

So Brendan, I partly blame you for my newfound, and almost overwhelmingly constant, desire to try to find ways to tweek my website, find new readers, and work my way up the ladder of respected bloggers.  Damn you.

Brendan’s website is The World is my Jungle Gym and I don’t want to give the impression that the Top 100 list is the only reason you should wander over there.  His content is excellent and ever-expanding, as he is currently on the road — soon to go to Antarctica, to the envy of most all of us.  You can also find him on Twitter here: Brendan’s Twitter profile.

One last note that perhaps only I find funny. I was emailing him back and forth to get some more info for this profile section and found out his home town in Canada is called Rocky Mountain House in Alberta. That just makes me smile. Read him, follow him, and enjoy his answers to the Lucky 13:

glass of chocolate milk

Brendan's Kryptonite

1 — What is the superpower you most want?

I would want to be able to drink a whole gallon of chocolate milk without feeling sick.  It’s so delicious, why does it have to hurt so much.  As one of my favourite super heroes, Ron Burgundy, once said “Milk was a bad choice!”

2 — Fill in the blanks: If I were King for the day, I would make ________ illegal and punishable by ___________.

typing on a cell phone while having a face to face conversation punishable by 30 seconds in a pen with Michael Vick’s dog.

3 — What blogger, other than you and me, should everyone be reading?

Everyone should read  “Fevered Mutterings.” I laugh almost every single time I read it, and it is quite honestly one of the only blogs I read regularly.

4 — Your favorite alcoholic drink?

Flor de Cana, Rum.  Give me a bottle and a glass of ice and I’ll see you next week.

5 — Best Bond movie?

I prefer Get Smart.

6 — My Mom and Dad are never going to read this, so I can now admit I lied to them in a big way about _______________.

my age. I’m really 86 years old… they don’t know.

(Interviewer comment: I send out batches of interviews at the same time. Funny that Brendan had the same answer to this as Joel.  Equally funny…. Joel just got his answers back to me faster).

colorful chicken bus antigua guatamala

Brendan's dream ride

7 — What is your dream car?

I’d love to have a bus.  I’d just drive around picking people up from bus stops delivering them to their destinations safe and sound.

8 — Why question would most likely get you to laugh or cry if asked to you on live national TV?

Is it true that milk was a bad choice?

9 — Who is the most overrated musical artist?

Madonna, I just don’t get it… and she’s not even hot!?

plate of poutine montreal

french fries, cheese curds and gravy

10 — Food you want everyone to try at least once?

Poutine.  It might give you a heart attack, but it will definitely give you and orgasm

11 — Dead historical figure you would most like to have met?

Ernesto “Che” Guevera

12 — Most disrespectful thing you have ever personally witnessed?

I once saw a big male traveler spit in the face of a tiny female hostel receptionist on an argument over the prices.  His argument was that the lonely planet listed the price at 8 dollars and she was now charging 10.

13 — Single thing you miss most from high school?

High school sports,  I’m far too competitive, I used to live to play.  Now I stretch my competitive nature out by constantly checking to see if my website’s alexa score has gone up… it’s pathetic really.

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