Costa Brava, a very brief photo glimpse 29

I was honored to be invited to a blog trip to the Costa Brava region of northern Spain a few weeks ago by the amazing and wonderful folks at the Costa Brava Tourism Board.

Unlike seemingly all my other blog companions on that trip, I am so far behind on my posting schedule that I likely won’t be able to do all my posts about this great trip for a month or so. But in the meantime, I did want to roll though some of my photos to just give you a very brief and non-comprehensive look at just a few of the sights I was able to absorb in this trip packed full of action and memories.

costa brava photos girona spain waterfront

the colorful buildings of Girona, the capital of the region, through one of the bridges across the river


girona spain river colorful buildings

another shot of the riverside buildings and trees, slightly tilted in honor of one of my traveling companions on this trip, Sherry Ott


Ferran Adrià with bart simpson

Ferran Adrià is one of the most famous residents of the region (one of the best chefs in the world). How famous is he? He was a character in an episode of the Simpsons.


Gaudi buildings tilt shift from park guell barcelona

some of the buildings designed by the famous architect Antonio Gaudi in Park Guell, Barcelona, which is not in the Costa Brava region, but was part of our tour.


blue waters off the coast of costa brava spain

We spent a lot of time on the coast part of Costa Brava — look at this water.


blue woman statue in costa brava spain

one of the statues in a botanical gardens we toured


painter painting Sagrada Família barcelona

a painter painting the Sagrada Família church, right in front of the church. Again in Barcelona, not Costa Brava proper.

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