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The historic city of Berlin is one of the most popular European destinations for those that are traveling to Germany, and it has so much to offer visitors whether they are there for a weekend or a week.  There are historic buildings aplenty in the German capital, but many people visiting will actually want to visit the site of a more recent event, and the remains of the Berlin Wall are popular among visitors.  However, it is also a very popular cultural city, with a variety of museums and architectural attractions, along with an exceptional film festival and superb nightlife.

Best Time To Visit

Lying in the northern part of Germany, Berlin has a fairly cool climate, and even in the summer it tends not to get terribly hot, with many people finding April to September the best time to visit.  Winter in Berlin can actually get quite cold, and there are many days between December and February where the temperatures will barely edge above freezing point.

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What To Do In Berlin

Sightseeing is one of the most popular activities for visitors to Berlin, and along with the Berlin Wall other attractions include Brandenburg Gate, the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church and Tempelhof Airport.  Those who enjoy seeing traditional European architecture will also want to visit the Schloss Charlottenburg Palace, while an attraction for American visitors is the site from where President John F Kennedy made his ‘Ich Bin Ein Berliner’ speech.

One of the most popular festivals in Berlin every year is the Berlin International Film Festival, which has been running for over sixty years and shows hundreds of films every year.  Museum lovers will also want to visit Museum Island which has a number of galleries and museums, while Berlin can also appeal to another subculture as it is also home to the world’s largest erotic museum. I’ve even done an impersonator show there and had a good time.

Places To Stay

As with any cosmopolitan city, those looking for where to stay in Berlin will find a wide range of hotels and hostels serving a wide clientele.  As the financial capital of Germany there are a number of business hotels to be found across the city, but for those hoping to stay in the city centre on a tight budget, the majority of rooms are reflective of the higher prices seen in capitals across Europe

Berlin Nightlife

One of the most famous aspects of Berlin’s culture is its vibrant and varied nightlife, and Germany has long been considered a hotbed of popular and experimental dance music.  From remixes of the classic Kraftwerk to modern dance music there are plenty of clubs and venues that host an exceptional range of music.

The attractive feature of Berlin nightlife that will draw people from across Europe and beyond is that there is no fixed closing time on the weekend.  This means that many people can sample the delights of Berlin’s sensational beer selection at any time they want, as well as dancing the night away in one of the many great clubs.  Berlin also has a great alternative scene, with a particularly vibrant gay scene that draws people from across the world.

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