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The Best Things To Do In Berlin

The German city of Berlin is one of the real European capitals that are both vibrant and historic, and as offers a wide variety of things to do and places to see.  Berlin has hosted some of the most important and iconic events in world history, from John F. Kennedy’s ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’ speech to the demolishing of the Berlin Wall, and today visitors can see where many of these events happened. The city is also a very important culture center in Germany, and many of the most important events in the cultural year in Germany happen in Berlin. There is indeed, more to Berlin than just beer.

Visit The Island Of Museums

berlin Island Of Museums

The Island of Museums is one of the most important and impressive areas of Berlin, and occupies the northern half of an island in the heart of the Spree River, which runs through Berlin. The museums here were opened during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, and includes some of the most important German artworks in the Old National Gallery, while there are stunning sculptures to be seen in the Bode Museum. In terms of scale, the Pergamom Museum is probably one of the most impressive and is home to some stunning reconstructed buildings from across the world imported into the country.

See The Stars At The Berlin Film Festival

Although it may not be quite as prestigious as the Cannes Film Festival, this is still one of the premier film festivals on the European circuit, and is a great opportunity for visitors to get an early viewing of the biggest films. Held annually in February, the festival attracts some of the biggest names in world film too the city, and also draws thousands of journalists keen to get a look at the biggest blockbusters of the year to come. It is a great event for film buffs, and the stunning setting of Berlin makes it an especially popular event for visitors to the city.

Explore The Berlin Zoo

This is the largest zoo in Germany, and is also set in some of the most attractive woodland in the city, making it a popular place for those looking for peace and quiet in the city. There is a huge collection of animals that can be viewed in the zoo, with over 1,500 species to be seen in the museum in total. One of the most popular and interesting animals in the zoo is the Giant Panda, Bao Bao, who draws many visitors to the zoo.

Knut the Polar Bear was one of the most popular animals that could be seen in the zoo, having been born and raised in captivity, and it is still possible to see a display and statue of Knut in the zoo. When I was there, I stayed in a Go with Oh apartment near the Zoo — highly recommended.

Knut the Polar Bear

Visit The Berlin Wall Memorial

This large wall was originally built in 1961, and separated the east and west areas of Berlin that were officially part of East and West Germany respectively. The wall was finally demolished in 1989, but there is still a memorial of wooden crosses for those who were killed trying to cross the wall, while there is also a stretch of the Berlin Wall still standing near the train station, which now has a gallery of different graffiti exhibits painted on the wall. And perhaps seeing Tempelhof Airport will also show you some history.

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  • Linda Ras

    thanks for the post Michael. I’d agree that some of the best things in Berlin include the Island of Museums and the Berlin Wall. For those who are young and looking to have fun, the Berlin club scene is also word famous.

    For a little history, it’s also worth a visit to go see the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. Although it is very sad to hear the stories, it’s important not to forget this piece of history.

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