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What To Pack For The

Known for it’s glistening lakes, panoramic views, and hiking trails of all difficulty levels, the Lake District in England is a popular destination for residents of the UK and travelers from around the world.

Calling the weather in England unpredictable barely begins to describe the sudden changes that can occur from one moment to the next. Packing for this trip, especially if you plan on spending a lot of time exploring the lakes, forests, and mountains, can be tricky.


There are many nice scenic drives to take in the Lake District but chances are you’ll be out walking around at some point. If climbing mountains and hiking through the woods isn’t for you, there is still a lot of walking to be done in the towns. I wore a pair of running sneakers the whole time and that suited me just fine for all my activities.

Just make sure that whatever you chose to wear on your feet, be it hiking boots or sneakers, fits and is comfortable since you’ll be wearing them a lot.


When I say to pack for all seasons, I don’t mean make sure you have a tank top and a winter coat. You need so much more.

Some of my hikes began with wearing a tank top and ended with my shivering on the top of a mountain wearing a tank top, running shirt, long sleeve shirt, sweater, and coat. You need to be prepared to stop every kilometer to add or remove a layer or two.


Make sure you have a hat or something to cover your ears. It can get pretty windy at the top of a mountain!

A Good Backpack

Since you need to pack lots of clothes, food, and water for your outings in the Lakes, you’ll need to bring an excellent backpack with you to carry your gear. I was extremely lucky to have my COVRT18 backpack for my trip.


It wasn’t until I had already used my backpack for running and hiking that I realized it was “designed to appear subtle and inconspicuous”. I couldn’t quite figure out why I had to be inconspicuous about my gym shoes.

I’m one of those people who doesn’t read instructions. Once I checked it out, I saw the words “assault compartment” and completely understood.

Being from a tiny province in Canada, I don’t have much use for hiding guns and, to be honest, I can count the number of times I’ve actually seen a real gun. However, the numerous pockets and water resistant nylon has been just as handy for keeping my laptop and camera safe, as I’m sure it is for pistols and… other gun name stuff. It’s the only backpack I’ve ever owned that doesn’t tear my shoulders apart when I’m running and that’s enough to get an A+ from me.


Rain Gear

Rapidly changing weather means that there is always a chance of rain and when the rain rolls in, it can happen quickly.

Waterproof material is key!

I consider myself ridiculously lucky with the weather that I had for my adventures. It always seemed to rain while I was in the car and turn into a gorgeous sunny day while I was outdoors. Although mother nature seemed to be on my side, it can’t always be this way and I’d likely never have the same luck again so no matter what the forecast is calling for or how lucky you usually are, be prepared.


My hikes in the Lake District ranged from a casual walk through the woods to climbing 803 meters to the top of a mountain. With the intense activity you can get yourself into at the Lakes, it’s important to give  yourself enough fuel to keep you going for your adventures. Don’t get yourself into the situation where you end up running out of steam far away from town or your car.

I found that packing a couple of sandwiches, nuts, and bars from Tesco was an easy and affordable way to stay stocked up.

Packing for the Lake District doesn’t have to be complicated. Mostly, it’s all about comfort.

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