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Italy has long been a favorite destination of ours and it’s no wonder why when you see its amazing landscapes and ancient architecture, taste its wonderful food and immerse yourself in its culture.












Italian towns

Lucca, Tuscany


Wander its streets and discover its history. So much has happened here over the last few thousand years. The Roman Colosseum was built in 70-80 AD! If that doesn’t blow your mind, there’s plenty more that will.


Venice, Veneto

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Barga, Tuscany

Be In Awe

There is artwork at every turn, on buildings, in museums and in churches. Some of the most gobsmacking art we’ve ever seen was hung on the walls of churches, in cities and villages. Don’t just stick to museums, there’s plenty more to see.

Discover Orvieto

Orvieto, Umbria

3 months in Italy

Citta della Pieve, Umbria


Its markets are a place to stroll, socialize and learn. Don’t be shy, ask the vendors how to prepare the food you see. You will certainly walk away with a few new recipes.

3 months in Italy

Saturday market in Orvieto during artichoke season.

A Day in Florence

Florence, Tuscany

Get Out There

Escape the metropolitan areas, rent a car and hit the road. Small towns and villages are less crowded and a great place to relax and recharge. The views are spectacular, immerse yourself in the beauty that surrounds you.

Enjoy the unexpected

Todi, Umbria

Life at Al Settimo Cielo

Ficulle, Umbria

We love Italy so much, we will be returning this winter, make sure to follow us on Instagram for updates and beautiful pictures.

Central Italy suffered a devastating earthquake earlier this month. If you would like to help by donating to the Red Cross click here.

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Together for close to a quarter of a century, A Cook Not Mad‘s Tim and Nat have indulged their passion for life and experience to the fullest, but they feel most alive when traveling, cooking and eating. An award winning chef, Tim has dedicated his life and career to cooking and the pursuit of honest food. As a professional photographer, Nat records their adventures with incredible pictures of everyday life and the extraordinary. They believe that everyone should get to know a culture by learning about the foods they eat and living like locals as much as they can.

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  • Jade

    Italy is on my travel list! Id love to go there next year. hope I can make it =]
    thanks for sharing.

    Jade –

  • Mark

    So jealous. 🙂

    Great photos and writing really bring this home. I’ve always wanted to go to Italy. You make me want to go even more now.

  • Katrin

    I’ve only been to the Italian part of the Alps, but never to the rest of the country. My sister has been travelling by motorcycle in Italy and loves the northern parts of it, she and her travel companion has a favorite hotel by Lake Garda, up on i hillside. I’ll try to convince my boyfriend to make the trip there and rent a motorcycle, would love to travel the serpentine roads with on one 🙂

    Tuscany is also a region I’d love to visit, I’ve read great travel stories from there.

    Thanks for the gorgeous pics!

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