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IBIZAAfter writing my non-partiers guide to Ibiza, I received a few messages from “concerned” friends.

Don’t worry, I partied a little.

I promised that I would also write a guide to partying and Ibiza and, well, I lied. I won’t be writing a complete guide to partying because my partying in Ibiza was less than complete. I went out to one of Ibiza’s famous clubs and partied on one of my nights, which, in Ibiza, doesn’t really count.









Here is my incomplete guide to partying in Ibiza. My first tip is: don’t go to Ibiza with me if you want to party. I enjoy swimming at the beach and sleeping way too much.

2016-07-03 19.33.24


Drinking in Ibiza can be either hilariously cheap or soul crushingly expensive. I can’t even begin to describe how my friend Angela and I felt when we ordered our drinks at the bar and were told that together they cost 40 euros.

I’m sorry but no vodka lime is worth that much money.

If you go to a convenience store, however, you can treat yourself to all kinds of beer, wine, and alcohol for a reasonable price.

The moral is, if you’re going out and plan on drinking, drinking beforehand is a good idea. There’s also plenty of bars (not clubs) that have fair prices.


Following the advice of I found in one of my favorite books by Kristen Newman, Angela and I knew that we had to do the thing you’re supposed to do in the place you’re supposed to do it.

What does that mean in Ibiza? It means party.

2016-07-01 22.16.21

Like many European destinations, Ibiza is popular for the UK crowd. Whether it be for stag(ette) parties, end of the school year trips, or just friends getting away together, Ibiza is one of the hot spots to travel to from Ireland and the UK.

We decided to go to Ushuaia for the Martin Garrix show and it. Blew. Our. Minds.

2016-07-01 20.28.16

This party was definitely one of the biggest, coolest, most extreme parties I have ever been to. Watching Garrix and being part of the crowd in Ushuaia is something I’ll be talking about for years to come.

No matter which club(s) you planning on going to, I highly suggest contacting That Ibiza Guy to hook you up with all the best information.

After Party

All week long, all we heard was Amnesia, Amnesia, Amnesia. If you still have lots of fuel in the tank and aren’t ready to call it a night, Amnesia is the place to be after the clubs close down. One day we were talking to a guy who was selling party tickets on the beach and I mentioned how I wanted to be back to my hotel and in bed by midnight or so.

“But… Amnesia opens at 2am”

Needless to say, I didn’t make it out. Paris Hilton was the DJ at a foam and diamonds party and a teensy weensy part of me wanted to see that.

Instead, I slept and got up early to go to the beach. I have no regrets.

2016-07-01 16.47.16

Amnesia is the after party where you stay up well past sunrise listening to electronic dance music, party with the like of Paris Hilton, and go home with your newly ruined shoes.


The most important thing to your party guide to Ibiza is safety. There was never a moment in Ibiza that I felt in danger but, like any destination (especially one famous for parties), it’s important to keep yourself safe at all times.

  • Here’s my quick safety checklist:
    1. Don’t leave valuables unattended. Anywhere. Ever.
    2. Make sure you know what you’re consuming (and how much).
    3. Drugs. Don’t.
    4. Hydrate yourself! Booze and sun are a bad combination and by the time you realize you’re dehydrated, it’s probably too late and you’ll need medical attention.


Have you partied and relaxed on the beaches of Ibiza? What are your top party tips?

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