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Hong Kong has been a favorite of tourists for decades, offering a glimpse into a lifestyle vastly different from what we in the west see as standard. The area is particularly well-known for its business reputation; but Hong Kong has got plenty to offer the standard tourist too.


If you’re thinking of visiting this interesting, unusual state, then the ideas below should spark your imagination and ensure that you have the best trip possible.

Things To Do In Hong Kong During The Day

Hong Kong has a range of different activities to offer visitors– and some are more familiar than you might expect. Hong Kong Disneyland, for example, offers a feast of delights for kids and big kids at heart, making it a worthwhile way of spending a day.

If you just can’t get enough of theme parks, then you may also want to consider Hong Kong Ocean Park. This incredible theme park has got something to offer every visitor, from thrill rides to wild animal exhibits that will delight and astound you.

Hong Kong Ocean Park

The summit of Ocean Park Hong Kong

If you want to escape the city bustle for a while, then Hong Kong has got just the attraction for you: The Tian Tan Buddha is a serene hilltop statue of the eponymous deity; enjoy the views, explore the historic site, and decompress from all the theme park fun you’ve been having.

For more nature-based delights, Victoria Peak offers an enchanting view of the famous Hong Kong skyline. Travel up to the peak via the famous tram system — the oldest form of public transportation in Hong Kong — and then relax as the city bustles beneath you.

Finally, you could take the time to explore the Wisdom Path, a stunning walking route that moves between 38 wooden steles. The steles display verses from Heart Sutra, and can be enjoyed during a leisurely walk through the beautiful scenery. You can travel to the path via cable car, giving you yet another stunning view of the city.

Things To Do In Hong Kong At Night

After a day of exploration and excitement, you’ll be delighted to find that the fun doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. I prefer the nightlife in Shanghai to Hong Kong, but six of one, half dozen of another.

By far the best choice for Hong Kong night-time excursions is a river cruise; the perfect chance to see that famous skyline lit up for the night, glittering over the water as you enjoy a delicious meal on board the boat of your choice.

If you just want to take it easy and go out for a meal, then the choice of Hong Kong restaurants will delight you. The seafood is particularly exquisite in the authentic local restaurants, or you can opt for high fine-dining if you prefer. There’s even a specific Food Tour you can take if you want to sample all of this, and more, across a single evening– if you’re a foodie, then Hong Kong is a destination that should be shooting to the top of your “to try” list.

Tourist Tips

The tips and suggestions below should allow you to enjoy your time in Hong Kong without having to worry about adjusting to local customs.

Tipping Custom

Service staff in Hong Kong tend to be paid well, and there is no explicit expectation that customers will tip and thus boost their wages. You can tip hotel staff if you prefer, but service staff in restaurants will benefit from the gratuity that is automatically added onto your bill.

Airport Link

Hong Kong’s main airport is some distance from the city itself; 35 kilometers, in fact, so you may want to consider a Hong Kong taxi service to get you to your hotel when you arrive. There are public transport options, but these tend to be crowded, and if you’re tired after a long flight then you may appreciate the privacy offered by reputable taxi firms.

Navigating The City

When it comes to navigating Hong Kong during your visit, you are spoiled for choice. The public transportation system is generally viewed to be excellent, with options including rail, ferry, bus, and — of course — the famous tram. If you want to hire a car, be prepared for busy streets that may overwhelm you. Due to this, most tourists prefer to use public transport, but the choice is yours.

Jewel of Asia

Hong Kong has the reputation of a business city; but as the above demonstrate, there’s plenty to offer tourists as well. You’ll love the views from Victoria Peak, and delight in the huge range of shopping options at ground-level. Whatever you do, you’ll be guaranteed a vacation you won’t forget in this enthralling state.


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