Interview with Diana of DTravelsRound: Lucky 13 Questions 12

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diana edelman dtravelsround travel bloggerI had the chance to finally meet Diana in person, when I went through Vegas months ago on my way from California back home to Arkansas. We went out for drinks with Abby, the Jungle Princess, and had a huge time. She’s hilarious, fun, and has a ton of energy.

Which are all adjectives you could use to describe her website and her attitude on Twitter. She’s done a good bit of exploring in traveling in some places I have yet to hit, like the Balkans, and she brings a completely unique perspective (and some wildly crazy stories) to her posts.

So go check out her website, DTravelsRound, and follow her on Twitter, and in the meantime, enjoy her answers to the Lucky 13:

princess diana drinking beer

not easy finding a pic of Di’ with beer…

1. dead historical figure you’d most likely want to hoist a pint with?


That’s a tough one! I would love to have met Princess Diana (and it has nothing to do with us sharing names). She just seems like someone I would have loved to have enjoyed a drink with and a nice long chat.

2. when is the last time you got sick?


I had done pretty well not getting sick … until two weeks ago. I got a nasty little case of Strep Throat. What’s worse was I was out of town with some friends for a girl’s weekend and woke up the next morning with a fever. It was miserable. Of course, I don’t have a doctor out here yet, so I had to hop around until I found a clinic that wasn’t too crowded to get treated. For anyone that knows me, they know I don’t do sick well. At all.

3. you live in one of the best tourist cities in the world – give us a one paragraph “why living in Vegas rocks”?


For one thing, the cost of living in Las Vegas is significantly less than in most other cities I’ve lived in (or thought of living in). I did an entire post on why I love living here, but to make a long story short, I love it because (even though I don’t go to The Strip except when I’m working) there is always something to do, people I love are always in town, the beach and mountains are a quick drive, the sun shines a lot, and the landscape is just magnificent. Waking up to see palm trees, blue sky, Red Rock Canyon and snow-capped mountains every morning just makes me a happier person.

robert pattinson wild hair

I don’t even need to make a joke…

4. Fill in the blank: I will go see any movie that _______ is in.


Robert Pattinson. NO judging.I don’t think he is a good actor, but for some reason I still give him the benefit of the doubt in every movie he is in and hope it will turn out different. It never has, but maybe one day he will surprise me. Plus, he looks good when he is all sparkle-y. (I kid, I kid.)

5. Most vivid childhood memory.


When I was three or so, my parents promised my brother who was an infant and I we would go to Dairy Queen for dessert. Well, we never made it because my brother toppled down the stairs in his walker. We went to the emergency room. My parents were a wreck, but not me. I was pissed we were there. I turned to the woman on a bench behind us and asked her what time Dairy Queen shut because I really wanted to go there. That’s my first memory. What a brat! I swear, other than that, I was a super sister.

6. Worst grade you ever got in school, and in what class?


D. Geometry. I never did well in Math. The second time around, I got a much better grade.

7. Worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard?


This just happened recently. I was at a bar with my friend and a guy came up to her and told her he would like to buy her a drink, but since she was with another guy, instead he would settle for saying “hello” and drop his business card. A little bit later, he stopped me and he we chatted for a moment about my friend. Then, he decided he liked me, too. He actually said to me “Do you think I could get your number? I know I hit on your friend, but that was before I met you. Now, I like you.” Yeah. He went home with at least two strikes that night.

8. My Mom and Dad are never going to read this, so I can now admit I lied to them in a huge way about __________.


I know this will sound odd, but I have never lied in a huge way to my parents. Maybe it’s the Jewish guilt in me, but I just have never been able to pull one over on my parents. And, if I did (like back in high school), I fessed up real quick. Plus, my mom is one of my best friends. I tell her nearly everything!

Ringo Starr giving peace sign

Diana’s dream date…

9. John, Paul, George or Ringo. Choose.


Ringo. Mostly because I like to pick the people the majority wouldn’t pick.

10. Most overrated country or location you’ve been to in your travels?


I am sure I am going to get some heat for this, but Dubrovnik, Croatia. I LOVE Croatia and Dubrovnik is beautiful, but it was so overly hyped by other travelers that when I got there, I expected angles to be singing in my ears and it to be a little “slice of heaven” as people had described. What I found instead was an absolutely beautiful location, but very touristic with higher prices than the rest of the country. Plus, there was no way I could have spent a lot of time there. I did the walls of the city, hit up the center of town, walked up all of those stairs, even took a trip down to the beach … and still was a little underwhelmed. I think if you have a lot of money, then it is a great place to go to just chill out. But, as a backpacker, I would rather head up north to Split.

11. Travel book you most wish you’d “lived through.


Right now, I am reading “The Lost Girls and they go to some great places — all of which I would love to visit!

12. What question would most likely get you to laugh or cry if asked on live TV?


What are you most thankful for? That’s a loaded question for me and even thinking about it makes me all teary.

13. What question do you most fear from St. Peter at the Pearly Gates?


Well, I am Jewish by birth and don’t think we believe in St. Peter. Do we?

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12 thoughts on “Interview with Diana of DTravelsRound: Lucky 13 Questions

  • Nomadic Chick

    I read Diana when she first started on her RTW adventure, about to bust through her turning 30 crisis. She’s such a supportive person who exudes positivity and I bet she could drink Hodson under the table.

    Love her spirit and hope to meet her and Abby in Vegas one day.

    • dtravelsround

      Aww, thanks Jeannie!! That is really sweet. 🙂

      Drink Hodson under the table?? Dunno about that!! Although it COULD happen.

      Hurry up and get to Vegas. Maybe Michael can come, too, and we can all try to out drink him. Or at least have one hell of a good time while trying! 🙂

  • Debbie Beardsley

    Great interview. I had to laugh about her being mad at her brother for not getting to go to Dairy Queen. I can’t tell you how many times I have been mad at my younger brother for keeping me from something. I was so bad that I used to love it when he got in trouble! We’re great friend now 🙂

  • Erica

    I think I would have turned into uber bitch if someone tried to come back around and pick me up after my friend blew them off. Great post – I love Diana! <3

  • Leslie (Downtown Traveler)

    Great Q&A but… how could you have never seen a Twilight movie? It’s the vampire saga I love to hate. So campy and chaste, but enjoyable. You gotta check it out!

    • DTravelsRound

      I know!! I say over and over again how much I don’t like it, and yet I think “Twilight” is one of my most watched movies. Ever. I don’t even LIKE it!!

  • Candice

    Yaaay! I’ve always loved D’s writing, it’s always so clean and perfect. Love this interview.

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